In a world quick to label, Matrescence often gets misconstrued as a "postpartum something" to be fixed.

But believe me, Mama, the intensity you're feeling? It's not a defect, it's a feature.

Because despite how you might be feeling right now, you're not broken… you're becoming.  You just want to feel like more than just a caregiver, more than just "mom."

Personalized holistic therapy for fierce mamas ready to embrace the beautiful metamorphosis of motherhood.

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Whether you're feeling lost or experiencing the blossoming expansion of Matrescence, growth can be messy and challenging. 

The powerful (and often overwhelming) transition of Matrescence rewrites your identity, shifts your priorities, and morphs everything in between.

Sometimes, doubt and joy are playing tug-of-war within you, whiplashing you between moments of wonderstruck awe for your tiny human to an indescribable level of exhaustion that makes you want to cry.

Sometimes, you’re wondering who you even are anymore. Sure, you're "mom," but where did the rest of you go? Rediscovering yourself is like searching for a long-lost friend in a crowded room, muffled by the cries and demands of motherhood.

Other times, it feels like your own needs are lost in the shuffle. Your desires, your dreams, the things that used to set your soul on fire – they're simmering somewhere beneath the surface, yearning to be seen, heard, and valued.

As a new mom, it can feel like you’re navigating this uncharted territory alone.

But after guiding dozens of moms through maternal wellness therapy and experiencing the beautiful and challenging transformation of Matrescence myself, I can assure you… 

You're in the right place.

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You’re not alone. And you’re not broken.

As a therapist who specializes in Matrescence, I see your experience not as a problem to solve, but as a sacred space for growth and self-discovery. I'm not here to diagnose or pathologize. I'm here to empower you to understand, embrace, and navigate this magnificent transformation.

Because this isn't just about surviving motherhood; it's about thriving, owning your power, and rewriting your story on your terms.

Ways to Work Together

Individual Therapy

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Group Therapy

Connect with other mothers and share your experiences in a supportive and affirming environment.

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Short, focused workshops tackling real-life topics related to mothering, motherhood, mother identity, and the journey of motherhood.


real results

“I'm learning how to disconnect from work and how to create a routine that works for me and my family.”

As a mother I am learning to carve out some self love time for me. I'm learning that it's okay to just do nothing after work. Therapy has taught me how to disconnect from work and how to create a routine that works for me and my family.

- althea*, client


“Working with Vanessa has been instrumental in my growth as a daughter, sister, wife and mother.”

She has brought balance into my life when I've felt out of control. She has provided perspective in moments where I couldn't see the impact of my actions. And, she has encouraged me to pay attention to and care for my inner child so that my adult self feels stable.

faith*, client


A word:

Matrescence is the sacred evolution of womanhood, a transformative journey where each step is a testament to the strength, resilience, and beauty of motherhood's metamorphosis.

- Vanessa Leveille

What you can expect working with me

It means I'm all about helping you understand yourself deeply.

I'm not just a therapist for moms; I'm a real person who brings my whole self into our sessions. I won't sugarcoat things – I'll tell you the truth, even if it stings a little, because I want to see you grow and heal. 

Drawing from various clinical models and coaching techniques, I intentionally tailor our sessions to fit your needs. 

As a mother myself and a driven woman, I understand the profound challenges and forced-growth of motherhood firsthand.  Trust me, I get it – the pressure, the struggles, the highs, and the lows. 

Ultimately, my goal is to help you empower yourself to reclaim your sense of self and rewrite your Matrescence story.

Through an insightful and collaborative process, we'll work together to cultivate resilience, navigate challenges, and embrace the journey of becoming "more you" with newfound clarity and confidence, all while challenging and dismantling any unhelpful narratives, from your past or present, that may be holding you back.

What does that mean?

I work from an insight-oriented, relational, challenging, eclectic theoretical lens with lived experience.

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