Postpartum therapy for moms of color

Do you wonder if you have postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, or something else?

During the transformative journey of Matrescence, it's common to experience a wide range of emotions as you adjust to your new role as a mother. While many experiences are common, some are not meant to be normal, and we shouldn't just accept them as such.

Sometimes these experiences can become overwhelming, disrupting your daily life and impacting your relationships with yourself, your children, and your partner. And sometimes, you may meet the diagnosis of a Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD), which encompasses a spectrum of mental health conditions that may arise during pregnancy or in the postpartum period.

If this is the case, know that together we can figure this out.

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While it's common to have occasional bouts of sadness or anxiety, sometimes what you are experiencing is a bit more serious, and we can't take chances or wait it out.

When what you're feeling becomes persistent, intense, and distressing, and starts having a negative impact, it may indicate a more serious issue. If you're unsure whether what you're experiencing is within the realm of Matrescence or if it's something more, it's essential to bring it up so we can explore it further. 

Sometimes we don't process and resolve the issues that typically comes up in Matrescence, and this can increase the risk for PMAD.

You don't have to figure this out on your own, or supermom your way through it. 

Sometimes we don't process and resolve the issues that typically comes up in Matrescence, and this can increase the risk for PMAD.

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Here's how therapy will support you:

+ Symptom reduction: therapy has been shown to effectively reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other Perinatal mental health disorders

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While my primary focus is on supporting moms through the transformative journey of Matrescence, I also integrate PMAD assessment and intervention into my maternal mental health work, I ensure that you, as my client, receive holistic care that addresses all aspects of your well-being.

You deserve attentive and comprehensive postpartum mother-care

+ Improved Mother-Infant Bonding: improve the quality of the mother-infant relationship, leading to better bonding and attachment outcomes 

+ Enhanced Coping Skills: Develop valuable coping strategies and skills to manage stress, regulate emotions, and navigate the challenges 

+ Increased Self-Awareness: gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

+ Prevention of Long-Term Effects: Addressing PMADs early with therapy can help prevent the development of more severe or chronic mental health issues 

My goal is to ensure that each client receives the comprehensive care and support they need to thrive during this transformative period of their lives.

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Black mothers experience a higher prevalence of maternal mental health issues, including postpartum depression and anxiety.

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