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You’ve heard the saying, ‘When a baby is born, so is a mother.’ But no one told you just how much your entire world would shift.

This is Matrescence! It's the profound process of becoming and being a mother, the emotional and psychological transformation that happens alongside the physical changes.

Matrescence is a transition, rites of passage, and a developmental process, much like adolescence, except you had a baby! Suddenly, you're more than just YOU.

Matrescence is lifelong and it has seasons. So with each milestone in motherhood, for both you and your littles, your Matrescence journey shifts and evolves. 

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Matrescence therapy is about meeting a whole new version of yourself – a woman with the same core essence as pre-motherhood, but with new priorities, desires, and challenges. 

The transition to motherhood can be a whirlwind of emotions. You might feel both lost and strangely expanded, grappling to reconcile your pre-motherhood identity with this new and demanding role + identity.

But this isn't about going back to the old you; this is about evolving and becoming.

Matrescence therapy brings holistic healing to high-achieving mamas like you.

But you're not alone. Many driven women feel unseen and unsupported during this crucial time.

Here's how therapy will support you:

+ Embrace the Emotional Journey: Develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage the emotional rollercoaster of Matrescence. 

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Your pre-motherhood identity becomes a foundation, woven into the tapestry of who you are now. 

Think of it as a new season, not the end of the story. 

+ Evolve: this is a time of rediscovery, and you might find new values and aspirations emerging alongside your maternal self.

+ Integrate: Learn to balance being a mother with other aspects of your life + integrating the old with the new.

+ Build Strength and Compassion: Develop the resilience and self-compassion needed to thrive in this new season. 

+ Honor Each Season: Embrace the unique beauty of Matrescence at every stage. As you and your children grow, celebrate the evolving dynamics of your journey.

Matrescence is about growth, even with the losses. Matrescence therapy can help you navigate this transition with more ease, confidence, and a renewed sense of self.

Embrace motherhood, rediscover yourself, and write the next chapter of your story. Let's start your Matrescence journey today.

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Understanding that motherhood is the psychological and spiritual birth of a woman is the

greatest story never told.

- Aurelie Athan

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