Motherhood courses

Short, focused courses, classes, and workshops for moms, tackling real-life topics related to postpartum, womanhood, holistic maternal wellness, and the journey of Matrescence.

Dive deeper into the raw and real (bc I like to keep it real around here... no fluff, surface-level support).

These topical online motherhood courses, classes, and workshops peel back the layers, exploring all sides of the topics without judgement. 

And no topic is too big or too small.

You'll get flexible video formats with supporting materials that fit your life and help you gain the skills and power to break free from limitations, embrace your authentic self, and become the mother you dream of being.

Explore at your own pace, revisit as often as you need, and let every session fuel your growth.

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talk therapy, but more


Holistic therapy that empowers you to reclaim your identity and embrace your sense of self throughout your Matrescence journey.

group therapy

Support and community

Supportive online group coaching and therapy programs designed to help you navigate motherhood, build resilience, and connect with other high-achieving moms who understand your journey.

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You deserve to feel more than just “okay.”

You may not go back to the woman you used to be before you became a mom, but I promise we can get you to feel like you, and feel good. To work with me, click the button below to see if we'd be a good fit, and start our work together.

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