Remember the woman you were before you became a mother – ambitious, independent, with a clear sense of self? Yeah, she's still in there.


Hi, i'm vanessa Leveille

The mom-therapist who just gets it.

Becoming a mom— Matrescence, changes everything. You feel lots of new emotions and have more responsibilities. It can be hard to keep up with all the changes in your life and find time for yourself. You might be trying to do many things at once and wish you could feel like a fully functioning being.

I get it what it's like to suddenly face the birth of the mother in you, and be overwhelmed.

And here's the truth we rarely talk about: We prepare women for pregnancy, for postpartum recovery, and for caring for their tiny humans. But why not for Matrescence?

I get it, Mama. I truly do. Because I’m not just a therapist for moms, but just like you, I’m a mom, too. I've also gone through (and still am, if I'm honest) the big changes that come with becoming, and being, a mom.

No one tells you that it is because of Matrescence that we experience shifts in priorities, values, needs, desires – heck, your entire identity?

It's almost as if becoming and being a mother becomes this unspoken transition we're expected to navigate blindly. 

And I am not feeling this.

It's no wonder so many mothers struggle to adjust, some even face perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. When I noticed these profound changes within myself, and in the mothers I worked with as a maternal mental health therapist, a lightbulb turned on: Matrescence is real, and understanding it is key.

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therapist for moms

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Individual Therapy

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Group Therapy

Connect with other mothers and share your experiences in a supportive and affirming environment.

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Short, focused workshops tackling real-life topics related to mothering, motherhood, mother identity, and the journey of motherhood.


There's so much noise in motherhood

Honestly, I was forgetting a lot of things, and it started to affect my self-esteem. As a perfectionist and a driven woman, I couldn't let people catch me slipping.

But there were things happening after I became a mom that I just couldn't control. It all came really fast—the good stuff and the challenging stuff.

When I talked to other moms, many would shrug it off with a "welcome to motherhood" or "that's normal." I recognized that these experiences were common. But deep down, something didn't feel right.

(it took eveything to not spaz-out.. i kid, but not really)

Early in my postpartum journey, my husband noticed the changes I was going through and asked, "What is going on with you?"

I'm ready to start

I wasn't ready to just roll over and accept that this was all motherhood had to offer—that I should accept status quo.

As a therapist, a self-care enthusiast, and a determined woman, settling wasn't an option.

The more I engaged with other moms and dived into Matrescence literature and Motherhood Studies, the more I saw all the noise—the societal expectations and misconceptions we're supposed to just accept. That you should be okay with losing yourself in motherhood.

That part... was my turning point—I could define my own motherhood, on my own terms.

Now, I help mothers like you cut through the noise and redefine themselves— mind, body and spirit, and go through Matrescence, and their motherhood journey on their own terms.

  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker - Massachusetts #119531
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Texas #110052

With all the diplomas, documents, and certifications, my proudest qualification is “Mommy".

  • BA in Psychology; Minor in Human Development + Family Studies | Penn State University
  • Masters of Social Work | Simmons University

Amidst all the diplomas, documents, and certifications, my proudest qualification is “Mommy".

  • Currently training for the Perinatal Mental Health Certification
  • IFC- Accredited Matrescence, Motherhood Studies and Coaching
  • Certified Integrative Health Coach
  • Trauma Focused-CBT Certified
  • Certified Basic Family Planning Counselor
  • Certified Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Amidst all the diplomas, documents, and certifications, my proudest qualification is “Mommy".

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Lovingly call out your bs. Because that shit isn’t getting anybody anywhere.


Offer insights and empathy that go beyond textbook knowledge - because I’ve been there, Mama. I’m just like you.


Bring a laid-back vibe and humor to our sessions, so you feel right at home.


NEVER pathologize motherhood, but instead empower yourself to reclaim your sense of self and rewrite your Matrescence story.

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