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Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it's also a powerful transformation. You've heard the saying, "When a baby is born, so is a mother." But no one tells you just how much your entire world will shift.

This is where Matrescence comes in. It's the profound process of becoming a mother, the emotional and psychological transformation that happens alongside the physical changes. Like, this stage in life has a whole name, and it's important that we know that and acknowledge it in our work together. Matrescence therapy
 is about meeting a whole new version of yourself – a woman with the same core essence as pre-motherhood, but with new priorities, desires, and challenges. This isn't about going back to the old you; this is about evolving and becoming.

Free guide

If you have ever wondered what Matrescence is and what it means for you, this download will give you the insight you need.

Created with mothers of color in mind, this guide will give you an overview of what Matrescence is and how to navigate it. Think of it as the first edition volume of your Matrescence journey. 

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I’m vanessa,
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I created this free guide because I knew what it was like to stumble upon the birth of the mother within, and not know it had a name

There's nothing like knowing there is a name for something you're going through, right? You're not alone in feeling uncertain, questioning whether you truly understand what is happening to you, or even recognizing yourself in this new role.

That's where I come in. See, what you're experiencing is called Matrescence – it's like adolescence, but for moms. And just like puberty, it's a transformative journey that often gets brushed under the rug in our society. We're great at talking about prenatal care, postpartum recovery and taking care of the baby, but when it comes to helping moms navigate the transition to becoming a mom? Well, let's just say we're still catching up.

But the good news is, as a therapist specializing in Matrescence and providing online therapy for moms of color, I've got your back with this free guide that gives you an understanding of what Matrescence is and what happens during Matrescence.

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